Save time applying makeup and achieve beautifully colored & sculpted eyebrows with a brow shape and tint

Are your eyebrows looking a little dull, shapeless, or unbalanced?

You know how hard it is to achieve perfectly tinted and sculpted eyebrows. The daily maintenance, hours of meticulous work to get every hair looking perfect.

Brow tint and shaping is the secret to defining and framing the face you've always wanted. Dark, full eyelashes are possible without having to apply mascara, achieving a youthful and attractive appearance without all the hassle.

Eyebrow Tint

Brow tinting involves the application of a semi-permanent dye (vegetable dye) that will color and add structure to your brows. If you are tired of using a brow pencil on a daily basis to achieve luscious and full brows, a professional eyebrow tinting in Winnipeg will give you the look you desire.

Why Should You Get An Eyebrow Tint?

  • You've over-plucked and need a quick fix
  • To enhance the appearance of your eyebrows
  • To get a natural look without using a pencil
  • Use less makeup reducing the need without pencils, powders, and brow gel
  • Saves you time getting ready in the morning
  • Tinting is quick, easy, and affordable
  • Tint lasts between 3-8 weeks


Brow Shaping

Eyebrow shaping is an effective way to dramatically change the appearance of your brows with just a few quick strokes.

Eyebrow shaping enhances your natural facial features and is the focal point that draws attention to your entire face. Small beauty tweaks with professional brow shaping can be an asset and have a profound impact on your personal, social and professional life.

For waxing, we use a gentle wax that is zinc oxide-based. Please know that if you are on any acne medication or using a retinol or retinoid you are not to get any waxing services due to the tenderness of the skin caused by the medication.

 If you’re taking a retinol/retinoid please do not use it 4-5 days before your appointment. 

Let your esthetician be aware of the prescription/medication/retinol you are using. If not, the skin will burn and will result in a tear.

Remember no two brows are the same and our job is to define your natural brow shape.

We carry a selection of products from the Brow Code to give an extra dimension to the brows.

Benefits Of Brow Shaping

As we age, our hair starts thinning around the head, eyebrows, eyelashes, and elsewhere. Over time, hair follicles stop producing hair, and shafts become finer. Hair also begins to lose its color, becoming white or gray in appearance. 

Other brow shaping benefits:

  • Well-shaped eyebrows give you a more rested appearance
  • They give you a modern and current look
  • Achieves the appearance of an eye lift without getting an eye-lift.
  • Soften facial features
  • Enhance the natural color of your eyes and brighten your face

How Do I Set An Appointment For A Brow Shape & Tint Session?

Setting a brow shape and tint session is easy.

All you have to do is create an account on our website, and book an online appointment.

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