Skin Gear

LED Face Shield

SkinGear LED Light Shields are cordless (handsfree) and have 3 easy to use modes.

Light Waves:

RED light, shown to boost circulation and speed healing and target post-treatment/facial redness (perfect for post microneedling with SkinPen Precision). 620nm to 750nm.

BLUE light, shown to kill acne-causing bacteria before, during, or after any breakout and stop stubborn hormonal or random pimples/spots. 405nm to 420nm.

AMBER light, has been shown to reverse/slow signs of aging and is the only LED wavelength that is also shown to reduce brown spots from sun exposure or darkened skin from hormonal issues. 590nm to 620nm.

How to use:

Cleanse with your favourite cleanser and go straight into the LED Face Shield for 15-20mins, apply your favourite serums and moisturizer.
We recommend using it 3-4 times a week.

How to clean:

Use a dry fiber cloth to clean the shield or even alcohol spray and wipe on the nose pads to disinfect after use. The cloth can be slightly damp but be sure to use it only on the shield and stay away from the charging area and power button.

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