Chloe and Piper

Eucalyptus Bomb


Can you hear the nature track playing? Maybe a little waterfall action with birds softly chirping in the far off distance. Now imagine a feeling of sweet, sweet serenity. Welcome to what we like to call- The Spa Bomb! It's packed with eucalyptus essential oil and will transform your bathroom into a spa-like experience.

Let’s talk benefits. Stress, anxiety, and pain relief all while promoting feelings of clear, easy breathing by helping to open the airways. Because of this, The Eucalyptus Bomb is always our number one recommendation when someone is feeling a little under the weather.



5% of every Chloe & Piper purchase will go directly to Parachutes for Pets charity

Like all Chloe & Piper bath products, this bath bomb contains dried florals greenery & 50mg of CBD.

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