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Myüz Babes: Dinah

Myüz Babes: Dinah

I have been an esthetician for 5 years now. To say it has flown by would be an understatement. I got into the industry at a crossroads in my life, and my anxiety was so crippling that it took everything in me to push forward and take the leap. I have always been drawn to health and wellness and I love that the two industries compliment each other. I know firsthand what a profound difference it can make for our mental and physical health when we start making an effort to take care of ourselves.

I grew up in a small town and have come such a long way in my life. Hugely due to my love of meditation. There's nothing more calming than taking 15 minutes to just sit and be. No outside triggers, no intrusive thoughts, just you and your breath. It's magical. This is why I am so passionate about self-care, it is truly life-changing to begin putting yourself first sometimes.

I know you're thinking, "Put myself first? In what world?" Well that was actually a big draw to this industry for me, I want to be part of the process of people taking care of themselves and putting themselves first. A moment can completely change you, and making the choice to put yourself first so you can be the best version of yourself for you and everyone around you. It's the little choices that makes the biggest difference in our lives and the choice to care for your skin is such an important one. Our skin is our biggest organ, it's the suit of armour that protects our temple. 

If I had to choose my favourite treatments to protect my own temple it would be microneedling or facial massage! Micro-needling because I love how it stimulates our body's natural response to heal by producing more collagen and creating stronger cells. I appreciate this even more as I get older (and wish I would've started younger). Facial massage because touch is just so important. Movement and stimulation bring life to the cells in your skin, which brings life to you! It's rejuvenating and therapeutic all rolled into one, what could be better? I am also loving the facial sculpting and intra-oral treatment and the zen vibe it brings into the space and within my clients.

My favourite products? That's like asking me to choose a favourite child! I love them all. I will say when I was super consistent and continuing to try new products in the Biologique Recherche line, that is when I loved my skin the absolute most. At first it feels overwhelming but that kind of structure might be better for some! The Lotion P50 formula is like no other and the results are gorgeous. 

When I'm not at Myüz, you'll find me driving my two teens around to sporting events, starting a creative project, or cuddling with my cat. I'm also a huge outdoor girl so in the summer I'll be forcing my kids to go on camping trips as a family. I am just fun-loving and so eager to get to know new people and connect with them. 

I look forward to seeing each and every one of you! Come into the space with an open mind and relax, let's have some fun with it!


- Dinah

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