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Acupuncture is an ancient practice that originated in China and has been practiced as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine for approximately 3000 years. The philosophy is based on the flow of energy throughout the body, and that health comes from the free unrestricted flow of energy (qi) and fluids. If there is a blockage of the flow of energy, disease can occur. Energy moves along channels called meridians, located along various parts of the body from head to toe. Specific patterns of symptoms may indicate systems that are out of balance. Needles are placed at points along the meridians, acting like antenna with information for the body to restore the movement of energy and fluids, restoring balance and function. The more modern explanation is that the needles stimulate a response from our nervous system, causing the release of chemicals in the body that trigger a response, increasing blood flow and oxygenation to the tissues. It’s a very safe, gentle, and effective therapy used to treat many different concerns. 



Lay down, get comfy. Small needles are gently inserted into the skin at specific points along the body. The needles used are sterile and single use. Each treatment is individualized to the patient, with point selection determined by the practitioner based on the signs and symptoms discussed. Some points may be more tender, however often you feel very little, a slight poke if anything. Rest and relax while the treatment is delivered.