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Forlle'd Facials

1. The Forlle'd Sparkling Oxygen facial exfoliates and oxygenates the skin, so it feels and looks better, healthy, and alive. Whether age spots or wrinkles, large pores, signs of aging, oily or dry skin, this facial is appropriate for any skin type.

We start with the ritual of Japanese Double Cleansing, gentle exfoliation, essence penetration and oxygen mask application.

Then, we move on and exfoliate dead and worn-out cells to get rid of dullness and revitalize lack luster skin. 

After that, we infuse the skin with Hyalogy platinum essence, which intensifies antioxidant protection, facilitates skin regeneration and restructuring, detoxifies the skin, provides an anti-inflammatory effect, and helps reduce wrinkles.

The treatment promotes skin microcirculation, improves cell metabolism while supporting detoxification and tissue respiration, and  it targets large, unwanted pores as well. 


2. The Forlle'd Platinum Glow Facial provides a healthier, hydrated and brighter skinThis facial contains powerful antioxidants that protect the skin from free radicals and environmental aggressors, making it a perfect fit for mature skin in need of regeneration and fortification. It also helps intensify the hydration of the skin, as well as brighten dull, uneven and stressed skin.

The exfoliating cleanser gets rid of dirt, makeup, dead skin cells, or other facial aggressors, leaving fresh and hydrated skin. 

Platinum activators improve collagen production, fight off free radicals, reduce skin-aging effect, and prevent sun exposure breakout and damage. 

The platinum mask finalizes the process by stimulating the skin, producing a natural glow.  

This treatment reduces the common signs of maturing skin, reduces wrinkles and fine lines and improves collagen production for the skin while offering muscle conditioning and skin firmness. It’s good for those with pigmentation as Platinum replaces vitamin C.

The skin-loving and anti-aging products used during this procedure make for healthier, youthful-looking skin that glows all day, all night, wherever you go. 


 3. The Forlle'd Biofiller Facial will help plump expression lines and wrinkle depth, while brightening the face by replenishing it with proteins and collagen for a more youthful look. The goal of this treatment is to plump up wrinkles, thin lips, and sunken cheeks. 

Forlle'd facials combine Nobel prize winning research with patented ingredients and a unique complex to optimize the health of your skin by boosting its mechanisms and metabolic processes. 

The Forlle'd Bio Filler Facial works by triggering collagen production for removal of wrinkles and fine lines. We begin with the ritual of Japanese Double Cleansing, gentle exfoliation, essence penetration, invigorating massage and mask application.

We then target premature signs of ageing pairing manual techniques with precisely dosed ingredients including molecular weight hyaluronic acid, pearl proteins and ionized minerals to plump the skin from the inside out.

Low-molecular weight hyaluronic acid is blended in synergy with Ceramides 3, Platinum, ionized minerals, Eggshell membrane protein and pearl proteins to offer the healing, repair and regeneration the skin demands.

This is an exclusive facial designed for any skin type with aging signs like wrinkles, fine lines, elasticity, and relaxation loss. It remodels dynamic or static wrinkles, restructures face contour, or can work as an instant skin refresh and rejuvenation before an event or a party. In other words, it's suitable for anyone looking for immediate results without stress. 


All 3 facials are pregnancy safe. Please advice your service provider so we can avoid certain points on the body. All of our skin care products are pregnancy safe and do not enter the bloodstream.

Keep in mind that the products used during this procedure contain eggs, so may not be a suitable fit for vegans or those with allergies. 

Light therapy cannot be used on those who have epilepsy and those on photosensitizing medications.
*If a client has received botox or fillers, you should wait 3 weeks til receiving this treatment as there is a large massage portion.
* Accutane or other medications as such
* Botox and fillers
* Certain Antibiotics
* Certain Retinol, Retinoids or Vitamin A
* Cold sores
* Infections on the face that could be transferred to our therapists
* If you have just undergone any type of Ablative laser treatments 
*The use of isotretinoin (Accutane) in the past 6 to 12 months 
*Use of prescription topical keratolytics in the past 6 days (Retin A, Renova, Azelex, Tazorac, Differin etc.)
*Sunburn or active facial rashes