The Myüz custom facial needs to address your skin care needs at the best level possible. We will always start off with a double cleanse to ensure the skin is prepped. The rest of the facial is where we tailor according to your skin. More often than not we exfoliate and steam to soften the pores for proper extractions (this is not so fun - let us know if you would like to skip this part). Next up is a relaxing facial massage to promote muscle memory and strength them. We end the massage with a Gua Sha Lymphatic Drainage. Light therapy by Celluma is included (cannot be used on those who have epilepsy). We complete the treatment with appropriate serums followed with face & eye cream.

This facial is custom to your skin needs at the time of the appointment. Your experience at Myüz is unique to us as we want to help you achieve and maintain healthy skin. At times the massage may need to be skipped in order to exfoliate or mask for YOUR skin or there are times the skin cannot handle a massage.

You may add the Pure Lift Microcurrent which helps lift and sculpt the face to this facial. We also offer a detailed Gua Sha session to target fine lines and sculpt.

The time includes a skin consult. We love to chat about your skin before and after our facial.

If you are pregnant please advice your service provider so we can avoid certain points on the body. All of our skin care products are pregnancy safe and do not enter the bloodstream.

Light therapy cannot be used on those who have epilepsy and those on photosensitizing medications.
*If a client has received botox or fillers, you should wait 3 weeks til receiving this treatment as there is a large massage portion.
* Accutane or other medications as such
* Certain Antibiotics
* Certain Retinol, Retinoids or Vitamin A
* Cold sores
* Infections on the face that could be transferred to our therapists
* If you have just undergone any type of Ablative laser treatments 
*The use of isotretinoin (Accutane) in the past 6 to 12 months 
*Use of prescription topical keratolytics in the past 6 days (Retin A, Renova, Azelex, Tazorac, Differin etc.)
*Sunburn or active facial rashes


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