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Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage stimulates the flow of lymph through the body, improving circulation & metabolism. Specific massage techniques are used to target the lymphatic system, encouraging the natural flow of lymph through the body, and opening passageways that are otherwise blocked or impeded by debris and toxins. It increases blood flow, removes toxins, and flushes out waste. This treatment improves the efficiency of the lymphatic system, effectively sculpting and toning the skin, as excess water weight is removed from the body, toxins and debris are flushed out, and inflammation is reduced. 

How It Works

The Lymphatic system doesn't have an internal pump to encourage the flow of lymph, so it needs the stimulation to remove toxins, excess water retention, fight off illness, and boost the immune system. The Brazillian Lymphatic Drainage Massage targets specific points on the body to provide the most benefit to the lymphatic system. 

When it comes to inflammation, it's important to focus on the root cause. Each person has different inflammation levels, and lymphatic drainage is a great treatment as it opens up passageways to encourage movement, eliminating inflammation. 

Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage targets the water retention in your body, not fat. We often appear swollen and inflamed due to water weight, which can be stored from emotions, processed food, and our environment. It works best on those with a healthy lifestyle as it is a treatment that assists the natural processes of the body.

Think of this treatment as "clearing the pipes". When your sink isn't draining properly, it needs some assistance. The same rule applies to your lymphatic drainage. There is so much waste going through it that it's important to make sure we are clearing any build up. 

Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage Benefits

This massage can provide several benefits to your general health as well as your skins complexion such as reducing excess fluid retention while accentuating the contours of the body. When our lymphatic system is working efficiently we start to feel more energized, happier, lighter and healthier. It is essential to partake in healthy everyday habits to ensure the continuous flow of lymph and proper detoxification. Ultimately revealing optimal health. 

Treatment Details

Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage massage is unique as all the movements are different than normal massage, the movements are targeted to specifically end at each lymph node drainage point.

As it drains excess water weight from the body, the muscles become more prominent. The skin feels and looks tighter. This treatment is great to do a day or two before an event, as it will help you shed the water weight that is stored in your body. Results can take up to 40 hours, as the body flushes out all toxins, stored water, and other debris. This is a temporary effect, and remember that the health benefits are more important than the look. It's important to come back for repeat sessions to clean the lymphatic system and keep the body free of toxins. The most effective results are shown when the treatment is paired with proper diet, exercise, water intake, and mental wellness.

For best results, we recommend coming in for this treatment at least twice a month. Ideally, we recommend booking a session per week for 3 weeks, until the symptoms of fluid retention and swelling have improved. After that point, we suggest coming in every 4 - 8 weeks for maintenance.

Pregnancy Safety

Pregnancy safe but modifications are made depending on which trimester you are in. 

For more information head to the Myüz blog post.



1. Have an active infection (including a cold).
2. Are on any antibiotics (as this treatment can further spread the infection within the system).
3. Open wounds
4. Have cancer
5. Lymphodema
6. Circulatory or high blood pressure issues need to be monitored by a physician and need the clear from a doctor to service this treatment.
7. Cannot have mastitis (breast inflammation)