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Five Ways to Treat Sunburn Using Our Biologique Recherche Product Line

Five Ways to Treat Sunburn Using Our Biologique Recherche Product Line

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Whether you love lounging on the beach or working in the garden at home, there's nothing like spending time in the sun on a hot summer day. That being said, we all know that too much sun can be detrimental to our skin and hazardous to our health. It's hard to express how important it is to always apply a product with SPF before heading outside, especially in the summer when the sun's rays are harshest. But what to do when you've had too much fun in the sun? Here, we will discuss five ways to treat sunburn using the Biologique Recherche product line.


  1. Serum Biosensible

Ok, you accidentally let yourself get a little too red. Now what? With active ingredients such as witch hazel and turmeric extract, the Serum Biosensible from the Biologique Recherche line has a soothing, repairing effect and works to reduce redness. Great for sensitive skin, this serum restructures and reinforces the epidermis to minimize irritation while smoothing the complexion. Gently massage 4-5 drops of serum onto cleansed skin on the face and neck to instantly soothe and provide comfort in case of sunburn.


  1. Creme Hydravit's

Too much sun can quickly dry out your skin. A good moisturizing product is essential to hydrate your skin after a day in the sun. Creme Hydravit is a go-to moisturizer for hydrating and revitalizing the skin with active ingredients that promote cell renewal. This product from Biologique Recherche brightens the complexion while protecting your skin from humidity, dehydration, and UV radiation. Apply a small amount in the morning and night to the face and neck.


  1. Biokiss

Without the proper protection, your lips can get sunburnt, too, and the result can often be quite painful. Biokiss is a regenerating lip balm that repairs and relieves dry, cracked lips. With antioxidant and soothing properties, Biokiss protects lips from environmental damage and can soothe sunburn. For softer, more comfortable lips, apply Biokiss as needed.


  1. Masque Biosensible

This masque significantly reduces skin sensitivity, bringing instant relief to delicate skin while strengthening the skin's natural barrier. Masque Biosensible helps to regulate water loss in the epidermis and leaves skin moisturized and protected from environmental damage, such as from the sun. To use, apply the mask to the entire face and neck area, avoiding your eyes, and leave it on for 15 minutes before gently rinsing with cold water.


  1. Lotion P50

Repeated sun exposure can cause the skin to get thicker to protect itself against UV. To fix this, along with other cutaneous imperfections caused by the sun's rays, you must exfoliate the skin. Biologique Recherche's Lotion P50 is a vitamin-rich exfoliating lotion that helps to purify the skin. Remember to exfoliate before and after sun exposure, but never during. Lotion P50 PIGM 400 helps to regulate melanin synthesis while protecting the skin for those with an uneven complexion. Please note that this is NOT a sunblock and does not replace your SPF for UV protection.

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