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Myüz Babes: Rachelle

Myüz Babes: Rachelle
I began taking interest in health and wellness as I made my way through high school and began to realize how differently various people in my life prioritized their health and how that manifested in their lives. Forever intrigued by the vast subject I am constantly reading new books and learning new ways to improve my overall health and wellbeing.

My favourite treatment is the Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage: a treatment curated to help elevate your overall wellness. What more could you ask for?! Flushing out waste, increasing blood flow and removing toxins this treatment will improve the efficiency of the lymphatic system as well as numerous other systems such as the digestive system, the circulatory system, the immune system and the parasympathetic nervous system. As they all work hand in hand with the lymphatic system, proper lymph flow is essential to achieving a state of overall wellness. 
If there was one thing I could never live without it would be exercise. For many reasons exercise is my safe space and a time for myself where i can decompress, release stress and not have any other worries in mind. Exercise can be daunting to many, it absolutely was for me! The biggest lesson i have learnt is: it is essential to find a form of movement that YOU enjoy and can incorporate into your routine. If it seems like a chore and you’re always dreading exercise then I think it’s safe to say that you should explore other methods. The options are endless! Any form of movement and muscle contraction is one of the main ways our body naturally propels lymph, promoting the flushing of waste and improving the overall functions of the body. I personally love strength training, not only does it keep me active and strong it also helps me regulate my stress levels in turn elevating my overall health.
My current product obsession is the Gold Botanical Oil Serum by Monastery. The beautiful aromas of herbal tea soothes my mind as I nourish my skin. Beautiful for calming, nourishing and repairing the skin while being fast-absorbing. This oil is like a multivitamin for your skin. There are several ways to incorporate this oil into your personal routine: some days I layer my favourite moisturizer on top and other days I leave it at the oil. If you like to get fancy combine the Gold Oil with XX Rose Glycolic Gel also from Monastery, this combination will create a lovely gentle, nourishing exfoliating mask. 
Gua Sha, a beautiful stone carved to perfection is the ideal tool that pairs beautifully with the Gold Botanical Oil as it will allow for seamless movement along the face contour. Smoothing the appearance of wrinkles, contouring the face, reducing tension and inflammation. Gua Sha also helps propel lymphatic flow. The perfect at home addition to your self care and post Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage. 
Having struggled with acne in my early adult years I was able to experience first hand how imbalances in the body can manifest onto our skin. As we all know acne is not a quick fix like many other skin conditions, I had to take a step back and analyze every aspect of my life as to what could possibly be causing an imbalance in my body. Once I eliminated the root cause (for me it was a stressful job that I dreaded) everything else fell into place. You can read about my acne journey here.
The more I learn and dip my toe in the vast subject of health and wellness the more I understand that everything is interconnected and that everything needs to be taken into consideration as a whole. I hope you leave your treatments with a little bit more guidance and knowledge on how you can reach your optimum state of overall wellness. 
Can't wait to meet you in my treatment room.
- Rachelle

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