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Pregnancy and Skincare (breast or chest feeding also included).

Pregnancy and Skincare (breast or chest feeding also included).

As we all know, our hormones are always changing.  The changes are quite extreme for those who are pregnant and remain this way throughout the course of pregnancy and also postpartum. I always recommend focusing on a simple routine that will be effective and maintain the integrity of the skin. Worry less on fixing any skin issues during these 9 months + months, as the hormones are going to alter the skin. Simply put, hormones are the boss of us at this time. Personally, during my three pregnancies, the first trimester consisted of pimples. I knew the body was changing and I was hopeful this was going to disappear (fingers crossed). In the second trimester, I was set. Pregnancy glow here I come. No skin issues, just needed to focus on hydrating the skin, this meant, switching up a few skincare items (remember it will be different for each of us). I added Hydra Cool for AM and PM use, with Reparative Moisture Emulsion for AM and then Sheald for PM use. Checked, hydration levels off my list of concerns.


My dark circles, turned VERY dark and no amount of makeup could brighten the discolouration. I think this was my body preparing me to be ready for sleepless nights. I was hopefully that perhaps my skin under the eyes will go back to their original colour. Along with the dark circles I had an influx of Milia on my eyelids that were awful and all I could look at it. I knew I had to let it all go and come back to it postpartum.

Throughout my pregnancy, I didn’t change my skincare regimen. The only thing I wanted to avoid was retinol and retinoids. I did continue on with the use of Pro Health, it contains the smallest amount of retinol palmitate which is botanically sourced (find out what the source is). iS Clinical products are not systematic, meaning, they do not enter the bloodstream! Therefore safe to use during pregnancy and post partum.

If you are on any prescriptions, prescribed by your doctor or dermatologist, you will want to come off of them OR consult with your doctor (not your esthetician).

With that being said, all skincare products sold at Myüz are pregnancy safe. Nothing we retail reaches your bloodstream. However, everyone is going to handle pregnancy differently. Some completely avoid caffeine, some eliminate fish/sushi from their diet and more. With skincare, some prefer the natural route or want to avoid every acid. At the end of the day, do what is best for you and what feels good to you.


So to be clear, what is safe from Myüz:

The entire Biologique Recherche line that is sold in Canada (there are other products sold in America, that  are not safe for pregnancy).

The entire line of iS Clinical is safe.

The entire line of Living Libations is completely safe! 

If you feel unsure, please take the ingredient list to your doctor who is providing you with care.

Our treatments are also pregnancy safe, however, if there are products or ingredients you personally do not feel comfortable with, let us know and we will skip the application! Take a look at our facials page as some services are not suggested while being pregnant.

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