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Transition the Skin You're In

Transition the Skin You're In

With each season comes a new skincare routine, and if you didn’t already know so, listen up. As we approach Fall you will more than likely begin to see changes in your skin. At this time our goal is to adjust our routines accordingly and not freak out over a bit of dehydration, a more oily and/or acne prone skin instant. The good news is that you don’t have to overhaul your entire routine for fall. 

And might we add that as the temperature drops and the sun becomes a bit shier, you shouldn’t ditch your go-to SPF—in fact, you should never do that.

If you are concerned about the changes and aren’t sure how to go about tackling your problem areas book a Skin Consult! Skin Consults are a great chance to discuss your skin concerns, changes, and goals. These appointments are not only great for your first visit, but also allows you to stay connected with us. We can make adjustments and really get to know your skin even more.

When dealing with skin we all know that there are a many different skin instants, for some a couple at a time. Whether you are on the drier side or have more acne-prone skin here are some products to add in or switch out for the fall season.

First up are the obvious, cleansers! Instead of using a gel cleanser such as Cleansing Complex try Cream Cleanser or a Living Libations BSE oil! Cream Cleanser has a creamy consistency that will provide you with a deep clean without causing any dryness. It is gentle enough for a more sensitive client and works to remove makeup as well! Apply it to dry skin, massage it in, remove with water OR you can simply tissue it off. Yup, you are reading this correctly. The cleanser can stay on, it was meant for those who don't have access to water. Or, you can skip a cleanser in the morning all together and use Eau Micellaire Biosensible. It is moisturizing, soothing and perfect for removing makeup too! This is a non-invasive cleanser making it suitable for a more sensitive and reactive client struggling with redness or rosacea. Changing your morning cleanse is an automatic game changer.


Now let’s discuss cremes and moisturizers! If you are currently using Hydravit’s perhaps it is time to make the switch to either VG Derm or Dermo- RL. These are much more nourishing and comforting cremes, great for the cooler months ahead. Definitely add in a hydrating serum such as Extrait Tissulaire, Amniotique, Colostrum from Biologique Recherche or Hydra-Cool (iS Clinical). Serums are formulated with higher concentrations to penetrate the skin faster and easier than cremes but both combined will help you to achieve your desired skin! Reparative Moisturizer Emulsion is one of our best sellers but it may not be enough hydration in the Winter. So, you can switch to SHEALD, mix both of them together or just use Reparative in the AM and SHEALD at night!


In regards to masking, there are a few different masques that would help to soothe, revitalize and protect! Creme Masque Vernix, the holy grail. This masque reconditions the epidermis so it feels practically “born again”. The inspiration for this mask was taken from the epidermal protective barrier of a newborns skin, who wouldn’t want skin as smooth as a babies! Next up are a couple soothing and hydrating masks, Hydra Intensive Cooling Masque and Masque Visolastine+. Hydra Intensive Cooling Masque is a lightweight gel masque that will help nurture dry, severely dehydrated skin and/or sensitivity (tip: keep it in the fridge for a cold, soothing effect). Masque Visolastine+ is the perfect masque for providing your skin with long lasting hydration. It is suitable for a more dry skin instant as it will help reduce tightness and signs of aging due to dehydration. Add in drops of a serum such as Colostrum for an even more hydrating experience!


In addition to all of the above, add in oils like Soothsayer Serum or All Season Serum. These serums are all about protecting your skin. All Season Serum will provide you with a boost of moisture thanks to the luscious lipids contained inside. It will restore moisture and protect against drying stressors such as the cool, dry wind of Winter. Soothsayer Serum reduces the effects of environmental elements while also softening scars, spots, and smoothing texture. Even Serum T.E.W.L. would be a good option. It prevents trans-epidermal water loss, preventing your skin from being dehydrated due low-humidity during the cooler months. Think of it as a top coat to lock in moisture provided by your creme, something that is required for comfortable skin! Perfect for those who don't love the feeling of oils, as its a dry oil. 


Want the ultimate combo for dry skin? Let's give you some cocktails that we love to use on our dry skin:

1. Colostrum + Creme Dermo-RL + T.E.W.L 

2. Amniotique + Creme VG Derm + Serum YALL'02 + T.E.W.L

3. Amnitoique + Creme Masque Vernix + Serum YALL'02 + T.E.W.L

4. Cream Cleanser (no water) + Pro Health Serum + Hydra Cool + Sheald (with one pump of Reparative Moisturize Emulsion).


To reiterate, there are products to help you transition your skin into a fall routine. Try not to panic, we're always a phone call, email or DM away! If you need any help picking out the right product for you don't hesitate to reach out! We look forward to prepping your skin for fall and winter! 

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