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Body & Lip Sugaring

Are you tired of ineffective shaving or painful waxing to remove unwanted hair? With advanced body sugaring,  you can now remove body hair with minimal discomfort.

While there is no perfect way to remove hair, the old methods just quite do the job right.  Shaving doesn't last long enough, and waxing can hurt like hell.  Body sugaring is 100% natural (you can even eat it!), gentle, and lasts twice as long as waxing.


What Is Body Sugaring?

Body sugaring is an all-natural hair removal service designed to remove all hair textures gently and effectively.  Sugaring is often compared to waxing as both are sticky, but the stickiness is about where the similarities end. 

Sugar paste starts with only three natural ingredients - lemon juice, water, and sugar. This simple combination is water-soluble, resulting in less skin irritation and no sticky residue following the procedure.

Sugaring attaches to the hairs and doesn’t disturb the surface of the skin. It won't burn you and we never double dip. We change our gloves every time we take sugar from the jar, ensuring each treatment is safe, clean, and hygienic.


How Does Sugaring Work? 

It can be hard to believe that a paste made with just 3 ingredients we all have on hand can be so gentle and effective at removing hair. So how exactly does sugaring work?

First, the targeted area of the skin is cleansed. Then, an all-natural powder is applied,  providing a barrier between the skin and the paste. Once the skin is prepared, the sugar paste is slightly warmed and is applied to the skin. The dried paste is then peeled off and the hair (including the root) is removed.

Unlike wax, sugar paste is applied against the hair and removed in the direction of hair growth. This process prevents broken hair shafts, reduces the possibility of ingrown hairs, and causes less trauma to hair follicles.

Sugaring is so effective because it doesn't stick to the top layer of the skin and doesn't pull at skin cells.  Unlike waxing, which breaks the hair at the surface, sugaring removes the hair right from the root, making it effective for curly or in-grown hairs. 


What Areas Of The Body Is Sugaring Applied?

What Body Areas Can Be Sugared? 

Sugaring is gentle even for most delicate skin and can be applied anywhere you want hair removed. The sugaring menu at Myuz Artistry includes everything from Bikini sugaring, Brazilian sugaring, underarm sugaring.

Some of the most common sugaring areas include:


    • Arms
    • Bikini
    • Brazilian
    • Legs
    • Lips


Lip Sugaring

Sugaring isn't just effective for removing hair on the body,  but is a preferred hair removal method for people who have sensitive lip areas. Sugaring is great to use in lip areas because it does not peel away delicate lip skin, so there isn't much redness or irritation. The key to lip sugaring is the application of the sugar paste mixture, which will be similar to other sugaring mixtures.

The lip sugaring mixture will have a consistency, which can be different from other body areas. The lip skin is very fragile and the hairs are often more coarse, so there may need to be changes made with the mixture.  

A thicker sugaring mixture for lip hair removal might work better because lip skin is weaker and lip hairs are usually more coarse.  Its also less painful, which can make lip sugaring more tolerable for some people.

Sugaring the lip area may seem like a complicated process, but it's actually easier than waxing in lip areas such as upper lip, lower lip, lip line, or cupid's bow.


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What Are The Benefits Of Body Sugaring?

Sugaring services have tons of amazing benefits and advantages over traditional waxing, plucking, or shaving. Some of the benefits of professional sugaring treatments include:

  • All-Natural - pastes contain no chemicals, resins, oils, or artificial ingredients.
  • Target Dead Skin - Gentle exfoliation removes dead skin cells and won't tear the skin like waxing
  • No-Risk Of Burning - Sugar paste is only warmed to body temperature
  • Sugaring Doesn't Break Hairs - Waxing can break up to 30% of hair at or just below the skin. Sugaring removes hair from the root.
  • Sugaring removes even short hairs - compared to waxing that only works on hair of a certain length. 
  • Sugaring leads to permanent hair removal - sugaring leaves you with a longer period of being hair-free and eventually to follicle atrophy and permanent hair removal.  
  • Less painful than waxing - most people report less pain compared to waxing, especially around the bikini areas.


How Long Should Hair Be For A Sugaring Session?

Body hair should be approximately ¼” long, or the length of a grain of rice. The best time to come in is about 2 weeks post-shave. This is the ideal length for the sugar to grab the root of the hair.

Body Sugaring Pre-Treatment

Do not exfoliate

Do not apply any creams, oils or deodorants

Do not shave/trim area to be treated

Do use a pain reliever or numbing cream 30-40 minutes prior


How Do I Set An Appointment For A Body Sugaring session?

Setting a body sugaring appointment is easy.

All you have to do is create an account on our website, and book an online appointment for a sugaring session.