Tired of spending hours on your brows and lashes during your morning beauty routine?  Get dark, full, and youthful eyelashes and eyebrows with a professional brow and eyelash tint.

Women who have lighter hair colors often have a hard time making dark eyelashes and eyebrows accentuate their natural features. Applying makeup every day is time-consuming and often doesn't achieve the perfect results you hoped for.

Indulging in eyebrow and eyelash tinting will not only simplify your makeup process but save you precious time in the morning also.

What Is Lash Tinting & Brow Tinting?

Tinting is a simple and safe process of applying a semi-permanent dye to your lashes and brows. The specific color is often based on your natural hair color but can be customized to your liking.

Brow and lash tints usually last between 3-4 weeks, and often longer if you apply moisturizer and don't use oil-based cleansers. 

Eyelash tinting is always a treatment that should be carried out by estheticians as the dye is very close to the eye and can cause irritation if done incorrectly. 

What Are The Benefits Of Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting

When you get your brows and lashes tinted, they look more noticeable. Every small movement of your eye is exaggerated, for a more expressive and responsive appearance. This new intensity of your eyes can make you appear more attractive and youthful.

Some other benefits of a brow and lash tint include:

  • Making your lashes and brows appear darker, fuller, & longer
  • Alternative for those not wanting to wear mascara
  • Bolder and natural-looking appearance.
  • Fast appointments - get it done in under 30 minutes
  • Long-lasting results, but not permanent
  • Much better look than using a pencil
  • Won't run when it gets wet
  • Save time on your morning routine
  • Add definition and structure to your face

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Brow & Lash Tinting

You are an ideal candidate for eyelash tint and brow tint if you are:

  • Light hair and eyelashes
  • Don't have time to apply mascara every day
  • Are sensitive or allergic to make-up
  • You wear contact lenses
  • Participate in active sport

Brow and lash tinting may not be ideal for those with sensitive skin.


Is Brow & Eyelash Tinting Safe?

Lash and brow tinting is a very safe treatment when done by a professional esthetician. The tint is made with vegetable dye.


After Tint Care

After eyelash and eyebrow tinting, make sure to stay away from water for about 12 hours. This lets the dye settle in so it won't wash off.

You can continue to wash your face but should use a cotton ball with a mild gel or cleanser. If you wear contacts, leave them out until the next day. If your eyes feel sensitive after the tinting treatment, apply some lubricating eye drops.

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Tinting services help you save time applying makeup in the morning, giving you darker and longer lashes without the fuss of applying mascara. Your tinting professional will ensure you leave with the perfect brows and lashes.

If you've dreamed of a bolder look and simplified makeup routine, check out Myuz Artistry and schedule your consultation on eyelash and eyebrow tinting in Winnipeg. When you see the results, you’ll be so happy that you did!

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