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Steam And Extraction Facial

Experience smoother, clearer, and cleaner skin that is free from clogged pores, active spots, and blackheads. The accumulation of excess sebum, sweat, makeup, and dirt on your face can irritate or inflame your skin, increase the chances of an acne breakout - and can contribute to premature aging. Washing your face helps, but it really isn't enough if you want to completely get rid of all the gunk your face accumulates each day. Myuz offers a Steam and Extraction facial to thoroughly cleanse your face from unwanted particles.

The Myuz Steam & Extraction Facial Experience

Our Steam & Extraction facial comes in different stages - each with its own specific purpose, benefits, and sensations. And that’s why we refer to it as an “experience”.

The first stage involves cleansing your skin by using steam and the application of premium enzymes and desincrustation fluids.

Both work to soften your skin and prepare it for the extraction process.

Our specially trained and licensed skin care therapist will then use an ultrasonic device as a skin scrubber to loosen and scrub off impacted pores. This device applies gentle pressure which feels similar to a soft facial massage! We perform extractions once the skin has softened.

Next high frequency is used which works to kill bacteria - as well provide a sense of calmness to the area of your skin that it hits.

Finally, your skin will be treated to the appropriate serums that will give it a fresh-looking glow.

The Myuz Steam & Extraction Facial Benefits

Objectively speaking, the benefits of facial extractions can vary depending on the condition of your skin. We recommend this only for our regular clients in between their full facials.

But when it comes to general benefits of having a Stream & Extraction facial, these are:

  • Clearer, cleaner, and smoother looking skin
  • Removal of blackheads, whiteheads, dirt particles, and toxins
  • Removal of dead skin cells from the surface of the skin
  • Reduced congested skin
  • Getting rid of or treatment of blemished skin
  • Declogging and cleaning of pores for any skin type


Performed by: Madi & Dinah
Duration: 45 mins
Price: $75
Contraindications: None