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Excellent for people who exercise often, and for people who don’t sleep enough.
Spray directly on skin or on top of makeup. Very refreshing, makes the skin feel moist and fresh. L’Eauxygenante oxygenating mist restores glow to devitalized skin, providing instant hydration and refreshing the skin. It helps skin defend itself against environmental elements, and transition between different climates, making it ideal for use while traveling.

  • Improves the skin’s ability to adapt to different climates.

  • Helps the skin defend itself against external aggressions thanks to its anti-oxidant properties.

  • Energizes the epidermis.

  • Helps restore the skin’s natural acidity.

  • Hydrates, soothes and refreshes the skin.

  • Oxygenating treatment that breathes beauty into your skin.

  • A mist that unifies your complexion and diminishes blemishes.

  • Energizing treatment that restores glow to devitalized, tired skins.

  • L’Eauxygénante is practical and easy to slip into your bag. This ingenious product will be very useful on journeys, in the hot season, or during long exposure to air conditioning.

  • Mist your skin in one quick gesture restoring freshness and moisture.

  • Perfect for those with sensitive skin types. If your skin is sensitive to Lotion p50, use the mist before and after application to help calm the skin.

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