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Zippity DewDab


Clarify complexions with this brilliant blend that cleanses acne and diminishes the appearance of blemishes and stubborn zits that just won’t quit! Purify pores to transform into balanced skin. This perfectly potent spot cleanser zaps zits in a zip!

Who is it for?

Acne, fungal, congested, cystic acne, thrush, blackheads, candida, uneven moisture, sluggish, clogged pores, pustules.


Dab a drop directly on acne and blemishes to cleanse. May also be added to a Best Skin Ever, Soothsayer, Ensorcell or All Season Serums to further tone skin.


"I started using this on my face before bed in conjunction with Best Skin Ever several years ago. With consistent use I have cleared the appearance of my acne-prone skin and am forever grateful. I used to always have a zit or blemish on one part of my face, and could never seem to keep my face clear until I started using this product. Even when I don't have blemishes I continue to use it daily for its amazing ingredients such as the divine immortelle. If I could only have one skin care product, this would be it!"



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