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10 Common Skin Mistakes

10 Common Skin Mistakes
What is every Esthetician's nightmare you ask? Not listening to our advice and recommendations. When it comes to taking care of your skin the following 10 mistakes are a disaster waiting to happen. You must wash your face, you must be consistent and well...I'll let you read the rest. It's time to listen to your Esthie bestie because if you don't time will tell.

10 Common Skin Mistakes are as follows...

    1. Not wearing SPF on the daily everyday.

      90% of premature aging is due to UV exposure. SPF application is year round regardless of the weather. Reapplying throughout the day is important, don’t think that one layer will have you covered for 18-24 hours. Exposure to the sun breaks down the protective layer. SPF is only fully effective for two hours after you put it on.

    2. Ignoring the neck.

      Bring the products all the way down…from the hairline all the way to the tops of the breasts. The neck is always exposed and one of the first physical attributes to age! Taking preventative measures now will save you a pretty penny in the future! Exfoliate, hydrate and take time to massage!

    3. The body.

      Keep it simple. Exfoliate and hydrate by oil cleansing with Living Libations.  It will help prevent many skin problems such as dryness and acne as well. We don't need to change the pH level of the skin on our body, it just requires simple care. We recommend using the large ecotao cloth and applying your favourite Best Skin Ever, we love the smell of Summer Shimmer Tropical. Rub the wet cloth with oil onto the skin in nice circular motions, then wash off. After you've completed showering, applying another few pumps of the oil directly onto wet skin to hydrate. The skin is your largest organ and you should keep it healthy just like you would with any other organs!

    4. Over treating acne.

      An excessive amount of acids won’t help you, it will destroy your skin’s barrier and leave you more frustrated than ever! It is important to be patient. No picking, scratching or squeezing, your esthetician can handle that for you. Your job is to listen to your skin and find the correct products with the help of a professional. Acknowledging that there are many factors contributing to your acne will be beneficial. Food and water intake as well as environmental and psychological stressors all have a role. Book a skin consult and we can get you on the right track by recommending only what you need.

    5. Not starting to treat anti-aging.

      Keep it simple and keep the thought of protecting during the day and then rejuvenating at night. Cutaneous aging can happen to anyone at any age if you aren’t taking the proper steps to care for your skin. Applying SPF and hydrating the skin is extremely important as we mentioned previously. We all know that having a tan is a confidence booster but UV rays damage the elastin fibres within the skin causing your skin to sag, stretch and lose elasticity. If you can, opt for a self-tanner(James Read Tanning Drops will do the trick)! When it comes to hydrating the skin don’t just slap on a ton of moisturizer, find the correct one for your skin type. Are you oily or dry? Is your lipid barrier intact? Treating dehydration is one way to tackle fine lines and wrinkles but keep in mind that your diet also contributes to skin problems. Prevention is always better than correcting so live a balanced lifestyle; limit sugar, junk food, alcohol and if you smoke you better take action now.

    6. Use an eye cream as the eyes are prone to see the first signs of aging.

      The skin itself is very thin but the area around your eyes is even thinner and more susceptible breaking down. There’s a lack of supporting elements like fat and/or muscle around the eyes which increases the likelihood of the skin caving in and forming those unwanted fine lines and wrinkles. An eye cream is going to hydrate and help with common eye concerns. Along with hydrating the eye contour, massaging the area with your fingers(index and pinky fingers are best) or your Gua Sha tools is a great preventative measure. Our Biologique Recherche eye creams have a built in cyro stick to help delicately hydrate and massage the area at the same time - check them out if you haven’t already!

    7. Inconsistent skincare.

      Everyday and every-night to maintain optimal skin health. Your skin depends on both routines, it really only take 5 mins. If you find it daunting, then simplify the routine. Keep it a minimum of 3 to 4 products. Cleanse for a minimum of 60 seconds to ensure you clear the days bacteria, sweat and dirt away! Be sure to gently exfoliate afterwards, we carry a few products to help you with that. You may have heard of Lotion P50 being the holy grail product in our store. Don’t use those harmful drug store exfoliating scrubs, they will create damage by scratching the skin’s surface. Next comes your serums and/or moisturizer. After washing the skin you must replenish it with the proper amount of hydration. Serums are beneficial but if you want to keep it simple go straight for a moisturizing creme. 3-4 steps may help to keep yourself accountable to doing your daily skincare and it’s a great way to destress/relax at the end of the night!

    8. Wanting instant results from your skincare products.

      There is way too much pressure put on the products. Time and consistency will do your wonders. Some products take a very long time to see the results and then you have active products that give you instant results. The goal is give you results in 5 years, 10 year, and 20 years. So, use good quality products and they’ll take care of you, it’s that easy!

    9. Random skincare advice - from your fellow Tik Tok.

      There is so much information available to us from random people. But do you know that persons background? Do you know how long they have used that product? Do you know if they get other treatments? Do you know their diet? See where I am getting at. There is so much more than just knowing what that product does! A lot of it is misinformation that will create more problems. Always consults with a professional.

    10. Picking “blackheads” on the nose.

      Those are sebaceous filaments and are there for a good reason. Sebum is moved to the skins surface to help keep your skin moisturized. Blackheads only occur when there is an excess of sebum or bacteria clogging your pores. So wash your face daily instead of using blackhead removing strips.

    How many out of the 10 are you currently doing? :)


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