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Makeup, through my lens

Makeup, through my lens

What is a makeup artist? Being a makeup artist is more than JUST DOING MAKEUP. It's about learning the product, manipulating it and finding the right products for the individual.  It's not about how much makeup you use, its about what you know and how to do the job with what you got.

I love makeup. Why do I love it? Because there are NO rules to it. Apply it however you want! It can take 10 mins one day and 60 mins another, you can keep it simple or experiment for a crazy look. On a day-to-day basis I love a clean easy look but I also love a sultry eye.

I love sharing my knowledge with everyone. I want to teach you everything - from skincare, numerous easy day makeup to a night out with the girls. I want to show you how to use one product in numerous ways. I want to show you how EASY makeup can be and that it really is not that intimidating.

I can understand why you may be overwhelmed. Social media has bombarded us with so many products—pushing us to buy this and that because they guarantee it won't crease, budge and is pretty much bullet proof. Let me tell you this: there is NO SUCH THING. 

I am so OVER the instagram makeup artist. What is an Instagram makeup artist? You know, the ones that drip oil all over their face, use weird tools to blend, apply 55 products to contour, and take 99 selfies in the best possible lighting before posting. It is UNrealistic! It hurts me because my daughter's generation will grow up consuming this. For me, makeup is meant to enhance our natural beauty. Our faces are naturally carved out for us. Regardless of what Instagram tells us, we don't need to contour and highlight everyday. My philosophy is less is more

I don't pack on 10 layers of foundation or concealer and nor do I use special apps to blur your natural lines and wrinkles. I find it so disturbing that we find this normal. Nobody is pore or wrinkle free! Like does anybody want skin to look like skin? Say, what? We don't have pores? Guess what! We do!

Ladies, makeup is fun! And it doesn't have to be overwhelming. My four-year-old daughter recently summed it up pretty well. She said "If you want to wear make-up to a party, you can. But you don't have to wear make-up to a party.  Make-up just makes your face look like a unicorn!"

Let me help you dust on that unicorn glow. Didn't you know, that's why my street name is, Tina Cable Glow. Follow me along and I'll teach you my ways. 

Drop me a line down below! Do instagram make-up artists influence your daily routine?

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