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Biologique Recherche Masking Combos

Biologique Recherche Masking Combos

When it comes to pairing products from Biologique Recherche, the possibilities are virtually endless! We absolutely adore this line for its customization, it allows us to target any and all skin concerns. But this isn't just possible for us to do in the treatment room, you can do it at home, too! Here is a guide for our favourite mask combinations to help you target your most persistent skin concerns.


Masque Vivant

Masque Vivant is our go to masque for purifying & rebalancing. It's great for skin instants that are acne-prone, congested, oily, and dull. The combination of its main ingredients - yeast & lactic acid - keep your skin purified, revitalized and bright. There are some great products that work in tandem with Masque Vivant to provide you with amazing results. If you're targeting congestion, oily skin, and acne try mixing Masque Vivant with Complexe Iribiol! This will help to boost the mask and help clear acne faster. This will also work to rebalance the skin & mattify the complexion. Similarly, for stubborn acne, or oily skin we suggest mixing a little bit of baking soda into Masque Vivant! This activates the yeast, which helps to dissolve blackheads and pull out excess oil and impurities. If your skin is on the sensitive or dry side, we highly recommend mixing your Masque Vivant with Masque Biosensible (to help calm and soothe) or Masque Visolastine (to hydrate)!


Masque Visolastine

Our favourite hydrating masque! Great for skin instants that lack lipids, mature skin with fine lines & wrinkles, and dry or dehydrated skin needing comfort. Masque Visolastine provides instant and long term hydration, protecting the skin and providing all-day comfort and relief. If your skin is dry or dehydrated, we highly recommend combining this with any of our fundamental hydration serums from Biologique Recherche - Extraits Tissulaires, Amniotique, or Colostrum VG. If your skin needs a little extra TLC, try mixing Masque Visolastine with Creme Masque Vernix! The combination of these two masques will regenerate, protect, and hydrate compromised and dehydrated skin.


Masque Bain de Plantes

Designed for use on the face, body, and hair, this mask is formulated with sebo-regulating and purifying active ingredients. It helps remove excess sebum on the surface of the epidermis and scalp, while also regulating the rate of secretion without irritating or dehydrating the skin. If you're dealing with combination skin that needs help with oil production, we highly suggest combining Masque Bain de Plantes with Emulsion Gel Biosensible S.R.. You can choose to mix these two, as a treatment masque to help soothe, hydrate, and balance the skin, or you can use Emulsion Gel Biosensible S.R. immediately after removing Masque Bain de Plantes for the same results. If your skin is feeling extra congested, you can mix Masque Baine de Plantes with Masque Vivant! These two will double up to help you combat acne, remove excess sebum, and rebalance the skin.


Masque Biomagic

Masque Biomagic is known to energize and purify the skin. It is great for skin that is acne-prone, congested, and oily. It will also help to improve skin elasticity. We suggest pairing this mask with Masque Visolastine+ to help hydrate the skin. You can leave this combo on overnight for a firming and lifting treatment once a week! Masque Biomagic can also be mixed with Masque Vivant, as both masques work to purify, tighten pores, and mattify the skin. It can also be left on as a spot treatment to help flatten angry breakouts! 


Masque VIP O2

Say good-bye to dull, irritated, and asphyxiated skin! Masque VIP O2 enhances cell regeneration and revitalization, and reduces dark circles under the eyes. It soothes the skin and replenishes lipids, and is ideal after sun exposure. Try mixing Masque VIP O2 with Oligo-Protéines Marines to boost radiance, unify the complexion, and improve overall brightness. This is the best combination if you are looking to brighten your skin!


Masque Biofixine

A genuine ally against wrinkles, Masque Biofixine acts on the surface and appearance of wrinkles. This masque instantly smoothes, softens, and plumps fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps to oxygenate, brighten the skin tone, tighten and firm the skin to help improve elasticity. We suggest using Masque Biofixine after Lotion MC110, this will act as a "magic eraser" for fine lines & texture. This combo will plump up the skin, and visibly reduce any texture as well as fine lines. You can also leave this masque on overnight, simply mix a little of your fave night creme or quintessential serum in for a boosted effect! Great for mature skin instants, or if you're showing visible signs of aging. Can be used with all skin types, except for those with active acne.


Masque Biosensible

Masque Biosensible is the holy grail for sensitive, dry, or delicate skin. It calms and relieves sensations of tightness, flushing, and itching. It's great to pair Masque Biosensible with any acids that might make your skin especially prone to discomfort (for example, Lotion MC110). We love pairing Masque Biosensible with Masque Vernix or Masque Visolastine! These masques are all nutritive, protecting, hydrating, and soothing. If you're targetting redness, we highly suggest pairing this masque with Serum Erythros. 


Final Tips & Tricks

1. Play around with your masques! Different areas of your skin require different treatments, so don't be afraid to spot treat, and mix & match! For example, if your skin is combination, spot treat the oily areas with either Masque Vivant or Masque Biomagic. Treat the drier areas with Masque Visolastine or Masque Biosensible! 

2. Masque Biosensible is an incredibly versatile product, and can go with virtually anything, as it will help to calm and soothe skin. If your skin is on the more sensitive side, this is a great product to keep on hand as it will allow you to introduce more acids into your routine that will help to strengthen your skin!

3. Don't forget to include your neck and chest when masking! We often forget to treat these areas, but they are an essential part of our overall skin wellness. 

4. Remember that our skin changes constantly! What works for your skin in the summer will likely not work in the winter. It's important to always listen to the skin, and make adjustments when necessary!

5. While masking is a "treatment", it should be a part of your regular routine! Masking once a week (or less) is not enough to reap the benefits. While each masque differs, we recommend masking at least 3 times a weeks for the best results! 

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