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Myüz Babes: Madi

Myüz Babes: Madi

Before I started working at Myüz I was a makeup artist and initially wanted to work in film. When I finally got to work on a film production I knew pretty early on it was not the right fit for me. I missed the connection part of the job, the joy and care you can put into a service. So I started school to become an esthetician to expand my skills in the personal service industry! When Tina approached me about joining her at Myüz, I was so excited to join and be a part of her creation. Looking at what Myüz has become makes me so proud, the amount of woman power in that building is the best.

I dealt with cystic acne for many years in my early 20’s and I felt like I tried every option out there and spent every dollar I had on trying to fix my skin. Every doctor and esthetician I talked to only made my insecurities (and my skin) worse and I ended up going on accutane. I'm grateful now for that journey because I think it's brought me to be the esthetician I am today. I felt there was a lack on empathy in the industry and wanted to see that change. Kindness is always cool! I always want to create a safe space for my clients.


A few things about me that'll always be true; I love to chat. Tell me everything. I want to know your ex's best friend's parent's drama; there is no such thing as TMI. I also love art of all kinds, but my favourites are poetry and tattoos. The way art can be so personal but also touch people in such different ways is amazing. I think it's why I am so drawn to makeup artistry and skincare, it's such a particular art form to work on someone's skin and not one canvas is the same. I also love astrology and anything to do with the universe. I'm a typical Leo, I will fight for the ones I love, but the way to soften my fiery heart is simple; an ice cold Dr. Pepper and Burt's Bees peppermint lip chap.

On my days off I am always in the kitchen or puttering around the garden like a little mémère. The amount of tomatoes and dill I have forcibly gifted people over the years is insane. I love to sleep in and spend the day chilling with my dogs (by chilling I of course mean Billie around the backyard trying to pry deer poop out of her mouth). It's the simple things.

I have a few product babies that I cannot live without. The first is the Biologique Recherche Dermo-RL. This is the only moisturizer I've ever found truly helps relieve any tightness in my skin. Nothing has ever compared to it. From iS Clinical, I love the Super Serum Advance+, my skin looks noticeably better when I’m consistent with it. I love the protection it offers my skin and the brightening/growth factors as well. The newest addition would be Hale Derma. I’ve used it on sunburnt skin (wear SPF!!!) and damaged skin and it sped up the healing time drastically. My acne clients have also gotten great results with it and healing their damaged and irritated skin. And finally, the Living Libations Energy dry brush. It helps my lymphatic system work better and I feel/notice the difference. Everything is circulating better in my body and there is also the added benefit of the superficial exfoliation and my skin has been more plump and hydrated since using this tool. 


As for treatments, first would have to be microneedling. The results are always so amazing and I love seeing my clients reaction to the positive changes in their skin. I also am obsessed with the facial sculpting and intraoral lift treatment. I love the exchange of energy between practitioner and client. It’s such a unique treatment in the fact that the clients feel so much more than just the physical difference. It’s very in-tuned with the mind body and soul, we love that for ourselves.


I am really looking forward to meeting you all and being a small part in your journeys. Stay weird, my babies.

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