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Simple iS Clinical Routine

Simple iS Clinical Routine

Finding a skin care routine can be overwhelming with the endless amounts of products and brands that are now available. iS Clinical has formulated clean, multitasking products that are result oriented and offer a vast variety of benefits. The perfect line to keep your skincare routine simple, quick, and effective.

We have put together a simple morning and evening routine for guidance. Keep in mind your morning and evening routines should be slightly different as you will have different goals for your skin. 

Morning Routine 

Your morning routine goal is to PROTECT. Your skin will face a multitude of different aggressors throughout the day, it is important to choose products that will prepare it for the day ahead. A simple morning routine with iS Clinical suitable for the majority of skin types would include the following: 

- Cleansing Complex

- C Eye Serum Advance+

- Pro Health Serum Advance+

- Moisturizing Complex

- Eclipse SPF

Perfect Tint Powder SPF

Products rich in antioxidants and vitamin C will be ideal for you morning routine as these ingredients will provide you with protection against free radicals, in turn preventing cellular damage. Also antiaging, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and pigmentation is brightened promoting an even complexion. Last but far from least let's not forget how important our SPF is - the number one antiaging product! Always reapply your SPF throughout the day, many people tend to forget that the SPF you applied in the morning will not provide you full protection all day long. Reapply every 2 hours to keep your skin protected and youthful!


Evening Routine

Your evening routine goal is to RENEW. After a long day your skin has been effected by a multitude of different environmental aggressors including pollution, UV radiation and hot or cold temperatures. Removing the built up accumulation of dirt, sweat and makeup is essential for proper cell regeneration. A simple evening routine with iS Clinical suitable for the majority of skin types would include the following: 

- Cleansing Complex 

- Active Serum

- Reparative Moisture Emulsion

Ingredients that provide exfoliation such as hydroxy acids (AHA or BHA) should be included in your evening routine. These key ingredients will unclog pores, even out skin tone and remove dead skin cells promoting cellular regeneration. When it comes to using acids be mindful, listen to your skin we do not want to compromise the skin and strip away our hydrolipidic barrier.


Play around with your routine by adding or switching products. Always listen to your skin and base your routine on what your skin requires in that moment. 

For example: 

- You could add in Hydra Cool Serum after Pro Health Serum in the morning or after Active Serum in the evening if your skin is feeling dry. 

- Alternate Active Serum with Youth Intensive Creme every other day.

- On weekends you can switch out Active Serum for the Active Peel System.    Tip: Cut the pads in half and keep the other half sealed in the package for use on a different day. 

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