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The 101 on Jade Rollers

The 101 on Jade Rollers

I’m sure many of you have seen this gorgeous beauty tool flooding your Instagram feed. Apart from looking pretty, does this tool do anything for your skin? YES. Yes, it does. Jade rolling has so many benefits to our skin. 

It slims and contours the face when done correctly. Massaging the face in an upward motion towards the ear and several times will lift the face. This motion will also decrease tension or stiffness in the face. Massaging with your hands or a jade roller (much easier) can even stimulate lymphatic drainage which inhibits the leakage of fatty acids. Rolling will increase blood flow leading to brightness, clarity and a glowing complexion. Okay, I’m not done yet. 

What else does it help with? It stimulates collagen production! Who wouldn’t want that? Side note: in your 30’s we begin to lose collagen at a rate of roughly 1% per year! This is also the time that sun damage from years gone by starts to surface. I’m a huge believer in prevention when it comes to taking care of your skin. So, if you were proactive in your 20’s you will see the return on your investment. Isn’t that exciting? So yes, you should be Jade rolling 3-4 times a week in your 30’s. 

Other benefits that may intrigue you…Chinese medicine refers to Jade as the “stone of heaven” and it relaxes the nervous system. Jade is also non-porous and does not harbor bacteria making it ultra clean for your face. Oh, and start rolling on the right side of the face to promote prosperity. I’m down with that. Cha-ching!


Now that you know the benefits of Jade rolling, let’s get into the technique. There are different ways of rolling, most of which are the same but it all depends on what you want the main focus to be. I always keep mine in the refrigerator or freezer. The cool touch to the skin is AMAZING. 

Step one: apply your favourite serum, oil, mask —jade rolling will help the product penetrate into the skin. 

Step two: pump three times at each clavicle to stimulate the lymph nodes.

Step three: ROLL it, girl. If you just want to roll with a light pressure and just perform lymphatic drainage then gently roll from the middle of the face to the ears. Rolling in one direction. Definitely go over the eyebrows to the ear. Under the eyes, use a light touch and straight to the ear. When you reach the forehead, simply bring the jade roller from the middle down towards the ear (draining point). To finish off roll down on the neck to remove all the toxins out of the body!

If you are looking to sculpt the face, I would stimulate the facial muscles with some hand massages first and then move onto the roller. To sculpt the face, apply a moderate amount of pressure. Release the tension (remember we use our facial muscles ALL DAY LONG). 

Step four: Enjoy a glass of water to ensure you’re also well hydrated. 

Step five: Depending on skin type and which serum you used, finish off this routine with a nourishing moisturizer. 

There are many stones on the market (pick one that speaks to you or your skin type). If you’re educated on chakra’s and hold a belief that stones can be healing then you can also use this to base your decision. For example, an Amethyst roller is touted rule the crown chakra. But if you want to use it for its stone properties is to be beneficial for acne prone skin because it gently raises the surface temperature of skin which stimulates collagen. What's my pick? The Quartz roller! Not only is it pink, my signature color but it’s also perfect for sensitive skin or those with rosacea. Quartz rules the heart chakra, perfect for gifting to your bestie or mama! Those who are emotional, this will open up your heart and release all those emotions.

Alrighty! I hope this post on jade rolling helped you. If you’d like to purchase a jade roller, serum or other skin care products from Myuz Artistry feel free to contact me.

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