Experience an in-depth oil cleanse using all-natural, non-toxic products that will leave your skin with a healthy radiant glow.

Your face is constantly exposed to the sun, dirt, and other pollutants in the air each day. Without proper skin protection and care, this can lead to tired-looking, dehydrated dry skin - which increases the chances of acne breakouts and hastens skin aging. There are hundreds of facial cleansing products in the market today. Some work, while most don't - with a handful that can potentially be harmful to those with sensitive skin.

With that said, wouldn't it be more sensible to go with a facial cleansing product that is non-toxic and is recommended, and administered by a licensed esthetician?

Myuz offers a Living Libations All Natural Facial that is 100% natural and toxic-free. The invigorating scents we use will help you relax while your skin is treated to soothing deep cleanse that gets rid of all unwanted oil, dirt, toxins, bacteria, and dead skin - leaving it looking fresh and smooth.

The Living Libations All Natural Facial Experience

The Living Libations Facial process is an incredible semi-customized facial session that uses all-natural and non-toxic skincare products to give you a deeper exfoliating effect and the best skin ever. It starts with a deep facial cleanse to remove pollutants like oil, dirt, and dead skin tissues. Sandalwood is used for individuals with sensitive skin, while Rose is used for those with rosacea or dry skin. This stage will not only cleanse your face but also prepare it for more pampering.

After a soothing deep cleanse, you will be indulged with a rejuvenating & invigorating facial massage using products that will enliven your senses. We end the massage with an Gua Sha Lymphatic Drainage which will energize and restore your skin! Each massage features your choice of either a stimulating scalp massage or heavenly hand massage, with a wonderful selection of oils and tonics.

The entire treatment commences with the use of luxurious serums and the application of creams to help soothe and revitalize your face and eyes. This all natural facial will work to reset your skin while relaxing you with the invigorating scents and the clean feeling of all natural, non-toxic, products.

Living Libations Facial Benefits

Aside from healthy, younger-looking skin, a Living Libations facial session works to rebalance and reduce inflammation in the skin. A single Living Libations facial session will:

  • Cleanse your skin from excess facial oils, impurities, and microscopic debris
  • Exfoliate and unclog your pores by removing dead skin tissues
  • Reduce the production of oil which can lead to skin irritation
  • Keep your skin hydrated

And to ensure that our customers are able to actively, and effectively, maintain their skincare regimen at home, we educate and provide them with detailed instructions on how to properly use all our products. 

Contraindications: Allergies to flowers/nature/possible nuts/jojoba/this is an all natural line


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That is a definite yes! And we strongly suggest that you try at least one session to experience the benefits yourself.
But if we were to be objective and truthful about things, the frequency of deep facial cleanses is completely dependent on skin types. And that is why we adjust or modify our process based on those two factors.
But if you are constantly suffering from blackheads or oily acneic skin, then you absolutely need a Living Libations facial session at least twice each month. Fill up a consultation form right now and we will answer any concerns that you have.

The process itself is just under 75 minutes. But sometimes it takes a bit longer as we enjoy chatting with our clients.

It absolutely is!

Living Libations is a 100% all-natural, toxin-free product. This means that no harmful chemicals will ever touch your skin. Plus, each session is performed by an Esthetician.

So regardless of how sensitive your skin is - you are in good hands.

Setting a Living Libations facial appointment is easy.
All you have to do is create an account on our website, and book an online appointment for a Living Libations facial session.
But if you want to better understand the exact type of facial care you need, then we suggest that you first book a Virtual Skin Consultation with Myuz Artistry owner Tina.
A Virtual Skin Consultation lasts for about 45 minutes over Zoom - where Tina will discuss your skincare goals, as well as analyze and evaluate your skin condition.


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