Cosmetic Roll-CIT


Focus Care Skin Tech+

 This precision-crafted, medical grade plastic, multifunctional home-use instrument optimizes the effects of Environ products on specific skin conditions. 108 high-quality precision surgical grade stainless steel, sharpened 0.1mm embedded needles, precisely positioned for accuracy. Non-invasive, no downtime. 



  • Enhance the effectiveness of the ingredients in topical Environ products.
  • Restore skin tightness in the early stages of ageing.
  • Speed up the reduction of uneven skin tone and texture.
  • Reduce the appearance of sun damaged skin, fine lines and scars.


How to use

  • Your skin needs to be well prepared with mild levels of vitamin A for a minimum of 3 weeks before you start needling. 
  • Start by using Cosmetic Roll CIT twice a week and slowly increase to daily use.
  • Needle only once your skin is with at least the second level of the Environ Vitamin STEP-UP SYSTEM of moisturizers. 
  • Cleanse the skin before needling and then divide your target areas into sections and roll each section vertically, obliquely and horizontally with the roller for 3-5 minutes, using mild but firm pressure. 
  • Follow with your recommended Environ products. 

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