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Travel Essentials: Tips & Tricks

Travel Essentials: Tips & Tricks

Travelling with your skin care can be tricky, and we're here to guide you through the process and provide you with recommendations that will make your vacation a breeze! 


Tip #1

Use your down time wisely! Time at the airport, or on a plane, is great for doing a masque or gua sha treatment! You can purchase small "sample" containers online, or at stores such as dollarama that are great for bringing small amounts of product with you. We always recommend using one of these containers for products such as face masques, eye creme, or spot treatments!


Tip #2

If you're having trouble deciding what products to bring, we suggest looking for the products that you have only a little left - this way if your bag gets lost you aren't losing a fresh jar of your favourite cream! It also means that if you finish your product on your trip, you don't have to pack as many bottles and jars on your way home!


Tip #3

Buying travel sizes once could be beneficial if you travel often as you can reuse the bottle once emptied! Great option for those that might forget what products they've put in the many unlabeled reusable containers packed in their bag. Also a great option if you are only flying with a carry on to avoid any items being thrown away at security due to the limits on liquid products! 


Tip #4

We also suggest thinking about your destination before packing skincare. It's likely that if you're heading somewhere warm and tropical you won't want to pack your heavy, luxurious cremes, or your hydration products! Stick with a basic routine that is lightweight and soothing for any compromised skin. Comparatively, if you're heading somewhere hot and dry, you'll want to bring your light weight products that deliver hydration!


Tip #5 

Avoid receiving extractions prior to your trip. Extractions can leave your skin extra reactive and sensitive to environmental aggressors. Flying is extremely drying to the skin, the diminished oxygen in the plane is not an ideal environment for proper healing. Your skin may also worsen if you are traveling to a hot and humid climate, making it difficult for it to heal properly and promoting a greater risk for infections. Including serums that prevent skin reactions two weeks prior to your trip is a great idea to help protect the skin.


Tip #6 

If you are struggling with which products to bring along, chose products that provide purpose. Light exfoliation, protection and powerful hydration will be key components to your routine. Products specific to sensitive skin and products packed with anti-inflammatory active ingredients are ideal. 


Our must have products for travel:

MagicStripes Hyaluronic Intensive Mask - this sheet mask is perfect to use on a plane! It will plump & smoothe fine lines and wrinkles, cool and soothe the skin, hydrate, and improve skins elasticity! What's not to love?

Masque VIPO2 - as soon as you land apply Masque VIPO2 to detoxify and brighten the skin. Planes are dirty so let's re-energize the skin and wake it up. This masque is especially great for the under eye and eye area to revitalize and brighten.

LiftKiss - a treatment masque that plumps up and hydrates the lips. Great to use at the beginning of your trip and the remaining serum can be used for the rest of the trip as your lip saving product!

Masque PIGM400 - easy to grab and utilize and the best part is that you have left over product for the rest of the week. No need to take all of your serums with you.

Active Peel System - like a chemical peel in your pocket (you can even cut them in half and use on 2 different days). Great product that leaves your skin brightened, plumped, and hydrated. We love that you can pack it in and don't have to worry about packing it out.

L'eauxygenante - this refreshing & hydrating mist is great to bring along to revitalize the skin in the middle of a travel day! It's anti-pollution formula gives brightness to your complexion and hydrates the skin. 

Lait VIPO2 - milk cleansers are great as they don't require water to wash your face! Simply massage this brightening formula into dry skin and remove with a (damp) towel. Perfect if all you have access to is a water bottle, and ideal for camping trips!

Gua Sha & Jade Roller - beauty tools are great for reducing puffiness from long flights and travelling. Vacations can be tiring, allow yourself a quick five minutes with your beauty tools and your face will thank you. Revitalized and feeling refreshed, tired eyes and puffiness will be alleviated. 

DedCool Perfume Rollers - perfect for travel, as they are small in size and allow you to bring your signature scent with you everywhere you go!

I Love My Muff Wipes (& kit!) - perfect refresher during long flights or days at the beach. Individually packaged wipes are ideal to throw into just about any bag or pocket whenever you are on the go. And they're biodegradable!

Essentials Trio Kit - the iS Clinical trio kits contain three serums of 5ml each, ideal size for traveling! Two options to chose from: Essential Clarity Trio (helps to deeply cleanse the pores, soothe, and deeply hydrate) and the Essentials Vitamin C Trio (helps protect against free radical damage and promote overall skin health). No need to leave your favourite serums behind! Plus you can save the bottles and reuse them for your next trip! Just fill with your favourite serum and you're good to go.

Living Libations Best Skin Ever Oils -  perfect for anyone who is traveling light or looking for a product to bring for a simple skincare routine. Any of the BSE Oils can be used as an oil cleanser and doubled as a moisturizer! Everybody Loves the Sunshine is a lovely option for those traveling to warmer weather. Preparing the skin for sun exposure by harmonizing your skin with the sun, your skin will be left perfectly golden and glowing. It can also be used as a cleanser & moisturizer - versatility means you can pack even lighter!

SPF - last but not least, never ever forget your SPF! Wether you are traveling to a sunny destination or somewhere with colder temperatures SPF should still be your number one, always. We should be reapplying every two hours even if it's not necessarily sunny out, the UV's will still reach your skin and cause damage to your cells if you are not properly applying and reapplying! Your lips also need protection from the sun, Tizo Lip Protection has an SPF of 45 which is a great option along side your SPF to keep your lips moisturized and protected by the sun. 

From traveling abroad to a weekend away there are many ways that you can maintain a proper skincare regime. These are our Myüz tips and tricks to ensure glowing skin no matter where you are in the world. Happy traveling! 

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