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Why Massage Your Face?

Why Massage Your Face?
Facial massage has a multitude of benefits and we're about to lay it all out for you! Facial Massages are underrated in their ability to lift, tone and most importantly relax those 43 muscles of the face. These muscles work hard throughout the day to help us express our emotions.  The following four points explain everything so take a read, grab your massage medium and get to it with your hands, a Gua Sha or even the PureLift!

1. Improves blood circulation

Facial massage is like a facial exercise that helps to improve blood flow in the facial skin. A 5-minute massage can greatly improve blood flow helping to surge blood and oxygen to the surface of the skin along with other nutrients. An increase in oxygen being sent to the skin equals an increase in collagen production and cell growth resulting in a more radiant complexion! Massage can aid in healing processes for that reason as well! A boost of collagen synthesis and cell regeneration is exactly what we want.

Increasing facial blood flow also deflates puffiness, especially under the eye area, evens out skin tone and detoxifies the skin. 

2. Reduces Stress and Relieves Tension

Facial massage has many benefits including both mental and emotional. Massage is a form of therapy that reduces stress by activating the sympathetic nervous system(SNS). Massage triggers the release of endorphins which have been shown to reduce pain and muscle tension. Much like the feeling you get after completing a killer gym session, the endorphins provide a sense of overall well-being and in this case relaxation.

Many individuals that struggle with anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress management feel a difference due to the reduction of overactivity in the SNS caused by irritated receptors.

Skincare benefits aside, face massages can be just as good at relieving stress & emotional tension as they are at calming muscle tension. They help you feel more relaxed and at ease.

3. Flushes out toxins

As mentioned when we discussed blood circulation, massage helps to detoxify! The increase in blood flow kick-starts the function of the Lymphatic System which is to flush out waste and toxins in order to keep skin fresh and clean, both inside and out. 

Lymph is a clear-to-white fluid made of WBCs, especially lymphocytes(cells responsible for attacking bacteria within blood). This fluid which is contained within the lymphatic system aids in flushing out toxins from your facial skin. A build up of these toxins can contribute to fine lines/wrinkles, puffiness and breakouts. 

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4. Anti-Aging Benefits

Facial massage can minimize the appearance of fine lines and help achieve a smoother texture. When the muscles of your face are tensed, they can cause wrinkles. Massage relaxes these muscles and makes the wrinkles less prominent. As mentioned earlier, there is increased blood circulation with massage and therefore collagen production increases. Collagen is a protein that keeps the skin firm and prevents from sagging. As we massage, we lift and sculpt. Consistent massages will keep you looking youthful for years to come!

In addition and also as previously mentioned, massage helps with the removal of toxins and waste from the skin's surface. An accumulation of these toxins can cause fine line, winkles, acne, etc. which have contributions to intrinsic aging themselves. 


The Takeaway

All in all, if you take the time to get your facial massages in consistently (at home or professionally) you will reap the benefits and be happy with the results! We have two opportunities in a day to massage our skin. Morning and night. It's as simple as performing it with your cleanser or moisturizer or your favourite oil!

Massage is wonderful, it feels amazing and is so easy to do with a little guidance when necessary. You can always take look through our 'Gua Sha' or 'No Tools Massage' guides on Instagram! 

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