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The following is a confidential form with a series of questions that will allow us to serve you and your skincare needs. 
In case you're interested, we developed this form as a means to retain our clients and also help our community while our doors were closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, we've decided to keep it here as a permanent offering to our clients living across Canada. 

Unlike other questionnaires, for this one, more is more. We would appreciate a detailed response so that we can serve you in the very best way possible.
You are also welcome to send photographs of your face. This provides an added benefit and allows us an opportunity for an enhanced assessment. One recommendation is to take a photo of you in natural light facing a window straight on. Photos can be sent to the confidential email,, with your name as the subject. After the assessment is complete, rest assure, your email and its content are deleted permanently.

In due time, you will receive an email that will include skincare recommendations drafted by Myüz. The contents of the email will include personalized product recommendations and if there are several suggestions, you will also be notified of the correct order for use. This truly is the next best thing to being in the  Myüz headquarters.
If you have further questions, please refer to the free online resources on our blog and @myuzartistry.

Our simple ask:
Please carefully look through the suggestions provided and purchase according to your own budget (prices are found online), priority and needs. Our standard is to provide a full routine so that over time you can purchase the products and build your regime.

Keep in mind, our skin is dynamic. Your needs may change over time, and we'd be happy to help again with new recommendations.
We are looking forward to helping you feel good in your skin,