I hope you all are staying safe during this time. I want to thank you for all of your inquiries and always keeping me on my toes to improve my business.

I get a lot of inquires in regards to skin consults, skin help and recommendations. Unfortunately, my FaceTime skin consults do take up time and I can only provide them when I can.

So, with that, I have decided to create a form. You will have to answer all the questions I have asked. In return, you will get a full skincare guideline. I will list all the products in the correct order of use. It is your choice to purchase both cremes I have recommended or just the one. Remember, they will offer different results, hence why I have recommended them!

***If you have any questions about what I’ve given you please refer to ALL my online resources such as highlights on Instagram and my blog. I promise you will learn a lot! I will not respond back to the regimen I have created for you (remember I have a lot of inquires) and I am doing these at no cost (I am hoping you would support the free consults by purchasing a few products). Again, no response will be given in regards to the routine via email or DM (this is me not being rude, it is me creating boundaries). Thank you in advance for respecting my time! How to use p50 and lotion MC110, are all available online.***

I often get asked which 3 products would you recommend out of the 5 or 10. During my one on one consults, I always leave it up to the client. I want it to be your decision. If you aren’t one to masque, don’t buy the masque.

If you are wanting help for one concern, please say so, as I will recommend products just for that.

If you would like to provide pictures that would be great. Please make sure your face is facing the window straight on. Please attach it after you fill out this form with your name in the subject. Send it to info@myuzartistry.com. Pictures can only be sent via email, not instagram DM’s. They will get lost. Make the picture attachment Medium. The big files, I see just the cheek on my computer. I can’t see the full face. Pictures get deleted IMMEDIATELY after I send off your regimen.

If products are sold out, then yes, you may start with whatever is available. Add yourself to the product you are wanting and you will be notified ASAP.

This is for your CURRENT skin. Not the one that was in winter or in summer, but YOUR CURRENT skin instant. Our skin is different all the time and we must adjust and treat it accordingly.